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Welcome to the Cultivate Cashflow entrepreneurial and financial tools and resources page, which contain the products and resources we recommend and use for optimizing your net worth and building your businesses and passive income streams.

This page is a glossary of our favorite financial tools and resources in an easy to find format, so always expect the information here to be relevant and current, as we update this page frequently.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, but the resources listed on this page are there because we have used them in the past or we are currently using them.   Thank you in advance for researching and utilizing any of these entrepreneurial and financial products and resources in your journey to financial freedom and early retirement.


Credit Repair

Consumer Advocate Credit Repair Report – Great info and research on repairing your credit score.


Credit Cards

Blue Cash Preferred – Get 6% cash back on groceries and 3% cash back on gas.


Financial Literacy

Dave Ramsey – The Total Money Makeover (Hardcover Book) – Dave has great advice especially for beginners.   I have used his 15 year mortgage strategy in my own financial practices.   I also agree mostly with his take on debt.

Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace Revisited (Hardcover Book) –  You can’t go wrong with Dave.  His advice is usually solid.   Beginners can become inspired to break out of bad financial habits, and veterans can also learn from Dave’s financial tips and tricks.

Suze Orman – Women & Money (Hardcover Book) – Suze Orman was one of the gurus who inspired my wife and I to take our money seriously and think about it in terms of wealth accumulation.   We used to love watching the “Can I Afford It?” segments on her show.   Suze Orman has received some pushback from the F.I.R.E. community for her comments on financial independence and early retirement recently, however, another financial perspective is always information to consider.


Investing / Trading Brokerages

Upon researching your preferred brokerage, please make sure you verify that the brokerage has SIPC Insurance on your account.

Firsttrade – No commissions on stocks, options, and more.  Their online platform is not the best and options strategies are limited, but Firsttrade’s commissions are free which is great!

M1 Finance – We just started with M1 but we are excited about this new active/passive/robo hybrid brokerage with no commissions.   M1 Finance offers fractional shares also, so this makes expensive companies like AMZN or GOOG available to smaller investors.

Fidelity – Fidelity is a great brokerage with a nice backend on their website.  They just released no fee mutual funds that I have been putting in our retirement accounts.   Fidelity also offers many commission free ETFs to choose from.

Vanguard – Another great set it and forget it brokerage perfect for passive investing.   Vanguard has some of the lowest management fees in their mutual funds, which can compound to signifigant savings and profits.

TD Ameritrade – I still like TDA as a major brokerage and have found their customer service to be top notch.  They have many commission free ETFs and low fee mutual funds to choose from.

Robinhood – The original no commission brokerage account that allows you to trade equities and options for free.   You give up some customer service aspects, but RH accounts are SIPC insured and they offer free commissions on stocks and options so you can trade small and very often if you like.

Tastyworks – My go to options trading brokerage.   Tastyworks has low commissions for active traders that trade often.   The platform is snappy, and the support is excellent.  Also, check out Tasty Trade if you want to learn how to trade options from the ground up.   If you are not careful, you will be watching Tastytrade every day, confused at first, but making more sense of options trading with every episode.

Thinkorswim – I have used TOS over the last few years for technical analysis for stocks, bonds, commodities, futures, options, etc.   This platform is bloated like a beast, and overwhelming when you first start using it, but if you spend time with it, it can help you analyse your trades and investments in the markets.  Also, TOS is my favorite paper trading (trading without real money to test strategies) platform that I use to test many trading strategies and variables.


Alternative Investments

Lending Club – We invest in this but we are not allocating any more funds here at the moment.  Our returns have been about 4% which I’m not too impressed by considering the low liquidity factor, but it’s still a good alternative to the stock market in case you want to diversify some of your investments.  I don’t mind having some exposure to P2P Lending services like Lending Club or Prosper.

Fundrise – We invest in this crowdfunding real estate site and have been pleased with the returns, but the liquidity is not great.  It’s a set and forget long-term investment that averages around 10% return annually.


Net Worth Trackers

Mint – A great free online net worth analysis tool.   Tracking net worth is one of the Cashflow Cultivator’s main philosophies so that you know where you stand in your financial journey at all times.

Personal Capital – Another great net worth analysis tool that focuses on investing.  I find this site less user-friendly than Mint, but I think that using both can give you a better overall perspective of your financial outlook.


Website / Blog Resources

A2 Hosting – The fastest shared hosting plan I could find.   If you are going to build a new website or blog, this host is great.   Fast server, great backend, WordPress auto-install, free SSH certificate, multiple websites and much more!

Envato Themes – I think this company has the best WordPress themes and good support.


Passive Income Generation

Merch Informer – I use this product to help me with my print on demand business.  Amazon Merch is the print on demand marketplace for Amazon. Merch Informer has the best Amazon marketplace research for print on demand designers.


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Financial & Entrepreneur Resources Personal Story

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Bryan S. – Cashflow Cultivator

This list has many of the tools and financial products that I use to optimize my finance and net worth to one day achieve financial independence and early retirement.    Many links on this page are products that I use currently and/or have used in the past, and have affiliate links to generate commissions for passive income.   I appreciate all of the support given to this website and will work hard to test and give transparent reviews on financial, business, website, blog, podcast, and entrepreneur products.


Financial & Entrepreneur Resources Micro-action

Research and possibly utilize some of these great financial products and begin your saving and investing journey today!  Be sure to do you own due dilligence to find out if these tools are right for you.


Financial & Entrepreneur Resources Risk Assessment

These financial products carry varying degrees of risk depending on how you use them.  You must use your due diligence in researching any company or product from this list.


Financial & Entrepreneur Resources Disclaimer

Cultivate Cashflow presents concepts and explores ideas for you to further research and ultimately after doing your own due diligence, decide if it is right for yourself.

Cultivate Cashflow is not a financial advisor or advisory firm.  We are an education and lifestyle blog who document our own financial and business practices as teaching and entertainment content.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links but the recommended websites and tools listed on this page are there because I have used them in the past or I am currently using them.


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