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Macro Results from Micro-Actions


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Macro Results from Micro-Actions

Micro-actions are incremental, intention-based, tasks that can initially be very small but can escalate productivity, consistency, and wealth accumulation.  Think of micro-actions as baby steps to achieve macro results.

These baby steps have a compounding effect that can build over time with automated and consistent effort into affecting development, change, and momentum to achieve larger financial goals such as financial freedom.

Working these micro-actions into your daily routine will, over time, greatly benefit you and your family, because it will lead to opportunities and potential that you have not yet realized or imagined.

When micro-actions are applied to finance, the results will manifest in a productive and consistent manner.   This will translate to other areas of your life that micro-actions can provide a use for such as lifestyle, exercise, hobbies, travel, planning, organization, and more.

Constantly moving towards the goal of financial independence through micro-actions will become powerful as you practice this discipline with daily tasks to get at least something minor or major done every day consistently.


How to Incorporate Micro-Actions Into your Daily Routine

One of the most challenging aspects of moving forward in getting anything accomplished is initially getting started.   Starting something new is easier when you achieve a small micro-action for the task and then build on it with more micro-actions.   Just something, anything, to add to the solution in a small way, can initiate a snowball effect of productivity and ultimately, the accomplishment in your tasks to achieve your goals.

Create a to-do list of things you want to get done.   If at the end of each day, you have things on your to-do list that seem impossible or you don’t know where to start, try to create and accomplish a small micro-action for that task that could just move the ball forward barely.    At least you accomplished something.  Maybe it will help you move forward with the task tomorrow.

If you have things you want to do that are on your mind every day, then accomplishing a micro-action that corresponds with that task will help you engage and possibly move forward.

In financial practices, micro-actions can help compound your wealth and financial engagement with building and cultivating your portfolios and net worth.

In entrepreneurial applications, micro-actions will help you turn ideas into small pieces of action to build into new income streams and businesses.



Daily Financial Micro-Actions Include:

Investing in 1 share of stock through commission free Robinhood or Firstrade.

Listing something you no longer use but still has some value to sell on craigslist, facebook, or eBay.

Opening a high-interest checking account and use this as your main checking account to generate a return on your emergency savings.   Do it again with our spouse to double the return.

Opening a high-interest savings account to store unused money in order to make a small but substantial return on that capital.

Call insurance agents to give you competing quotes and make sure you are getting the best rates with your current insurance provider.

Setup bi-weekly payments on your auto loan to save money on interest and payoff your vehicle at a faster rate.

Setup an auto draft to your Roth IRA.

Setup an auto draft to your HSA or Health Savings Account.

Update your financial spreadsheet to make it current at all times.

Learn more financial literacy through videos, blogs, books, podcasts.

Learn something new by just trying it.

Setup or update your will.

If you are planning a large purchase, open a credit card with a high bonus and buy the item with the new credit card.   Remember to set up your credit card to pay off the balance every month to avoid paying interest.

If you are planning a trip, consider opening a credit card that has miles rewards.


Stop Procrastinating with the “Two-Minute Rule”

The two-minute rule by James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, is a simple rule that is easy to implement and helps to prevent small tasks from piling up into a large to-do list that becomes overwhelming and ends in procrastination.

This simple rule maintains that it takes less than two minutes to do a small task right now.   This small task could be considered a micro-action.    Knock out small tasks right away in two minutes and avoid procrastination.

For larger tasks or projects, tackling one small component could be considered a micro-action that helps move the larger picture forward.   Remember, that if this task takes two minutes, then knock it out now.  Don’t wait.  Keep moving forward by crossing off small tasks daily.


Micro-actions Can Benefit you in Some of the Following Ways

Take initiative with a micro-action.

Open communication with a micro-action.

Review or research quickly with a micro-action.

Create content with a micro-action (edit or add to the content later).

Make a call you need to make quickly with a micro-action.

Get started with a micro-action.

Move forward a stagnant project with a micro-action.

Improve a process with a micro-action.

Combine micro-actions with automation to have a powerful effect on your personal finance.

Document or blog about your career, profession, talent, or passion with a micro-action.

Setup a new account with a micro-action.

Invest small every day with micro-actions.

Purchase a needed item with a micro-action.

Hire someone to fix something with a micro-action.

Hire someone to do something you do not want to do with a micro-action.



Macro Results from Micro-Actions Personal Story

bryan cashflow cultivator personal finance blogger 239x300
Bryan S. – Cashflow Cultivator

Welcome to Cultivate Cashflow, a personal finance & entrepreneurial blog created to help you on your financial journey.  My name is Bryan and I want to thank you in advance for checking out this financial education website. 

In these first few posts, I want to communicate the overall perspective of what this blog is about and how it can inspire you to achieve financial success!


Macro Results from Micro-Actions Micro-Action

Haha!  I love that.   Think of one small task you can complete today as a your first micro-action that you will consistently complete daily.  Just move forward with your multiple goals with small micro-actions.


Macro Results from Micro-Actions Risk Assessment

Risk vs. reward is always important to understand and weigh against your life decisions.   Micro-actions help mitigate risk by thinking of investments and opportunities in small actionable steps.    I don’t invest big money once in a while.  I invest small amounts of money almost daily.


Macro Results from Micro-Actions Disclaimer

Achieving macro results from micro-actions is your responsibility.   Cultivate Cashflow presents concepts and explores ideas for you to consider and do further research and ultimately after doing your own due diligence, decide if it is right for your family.

Cultivate Cashflow is not a financial advisor or advisory firm.  We are an education and lifestyle blog who document our own financial and business practices as teaching and entertainment content.




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