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Links to Other Useful Blogs and Websites


The links on this page are of various websites and blogs I find useful, inspiring, helpful, and entertaining.    I do highlight businesses and entrepreneurs that I have worked with currently and in the past.   I also showcase some of my favorite blogs that helped inspire me to write this blog.

If you would like your blog featured on this page, please send me a link and if I find the content useful for my subscribers, then I will gladly add you to this page.



Social Media Websites I Use

Pinterest – Visual search engine.

Youtube – Second biggest online search engine.

Facebook – Largest social media platform.

Twitter – Second largest social media platform.

Instagram – Photography based social media website competing with FB and TWTR with a younger demographic.

Linked In – Combines a social media platform with resume and job search components.



Google Tools

Google Drive – Store files and create documents on Google.

Google Calendar – This calendar is all you need to keep your life on task.

Google Adsense – Get paid to advertise on your website.

Google Adwords – Advertise on websites with content that is relative to your niche.

Google Search Console – See what keywords your website ranks for.

Google Analytics – Analyse your site traffic and create conversion strategies.

Google Trends – Research current trends via search queries in Google.



Other Website Resources

Flickr – My favorite cloud photo storage website.

Envato Themes – These themes are the best on the market for WordPress.

Trading View – Free stock charts in your browser.

Top Ten Best Deal – Find the best 10 tech products in various technology categories.



My Favorite Financial Blogs

Tim Sykes – Tim Sykes pioneered online penny stock marketing.   He now focuses more on lifestyle blogging, but he still has alot of knowledge, motivation, skills, success, and inspiration in his brand.

Mr. Money Mustache – The original FIRE movement blog that opened my eyes to others out there that thought about finance as we do.

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn’s blog and podcast is packed with information on online entrepreneurship.



My Favorite Travel / Lifestyle Blogs

TravelChicFam –  This blogger travels the world while maintaining a career and managing her family.  Her blog focuses on travel hacks and serves as an inspiration to see the wonders of the world!

Less Junk More Money – One of the best full-time RV family channels on Youtube.

Gone with the Wynns – They sail on a boat now, but originally it was their RV.  I love the nomad style blogs.

Miles with You – I went to school with this blogger.   He and his wife travel the world and document their adventures.  I find these traveling lifestyle blogs very inspirational.  They are living their best life!

LendEDU RV Loan Rates Comparison – I love the RV nomad dream, which is why this blog post interested me.  This guide outlines companies with the best RV loan rates and provides reviews for each lender listed, including loan amounts offered, term lengths, eligibility requirements, and interest rates. Also highlighted within the guide is basic information on RV financing such as classifying RV types and their respective costs, understanding how to compare RV loans to find the best deal, and alternative financing options.

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