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Investments & Trades September 9-13, 2019

In an effort to document my daily financial micro-actions, I have decided to input my market orders each day in a weekly blog post.

These trades and investments are not recommendations, but you can use this info to research and generate your own investing ideas.


BTO = Buy to open        BTC  =   Buy to close
STO = Sell to open        STC  =   Sell to close


Monday, Sept 9, 2019

STO SLV Dec-18c-16p options strangle
BTO HOME 1 share at $7.95
Rolled SPY covered call from Oct. to Nov.
Rolled XLE covered call Oct. to Nov.



Tuesday, Sept 10, 2019

BTO 1 COKE share at $288
BTO 1 CCI share at $139.56



Wed, Sept 11, 2019

No updates on this day.



Thurs, Sept 12, 2019

BTO 1 CRON at $11.39



Fri, Sept 13, 2019

BTC GDXJ strangle for a profit of $70

BTO 20 shares HNDL @ $24.01       7% div
BTO 2 shares of CCI @ $136.31       3.30% div
BTO 2 shares of WORK @ $24.40

BTO 1 share of EMB @  $112.64     4.40% div



This was the first time I documented my trading and investing micro-actions in a weekly format.   I do like this approach and hope it helps me in my analysis and decision making.

The RH or Robinhood taxable margin account focuses on buy and hold stock purchases with dividends.   It seems like it takes a while to transfer money to RH

The TW or Tastyworks  taxable margin account focuses on options strangles.

The TD Ameritrade tax-free HSA, or Health Savings Account, focuses on buying and holding commission-free ETFs from Fidelity.   I look for weak price, dividends, and liquidity.


These micro-actions are not tading or investment advice.   I do not offer a service where I advise anyone on trading or investing.   These market actions are my own personal decisions and you should do your own research and due diligence.

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