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Creating and Monetizing a Blog for Cashflow


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Creating & Monetizing a Blog to Generate Cashflow

Most entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and professionals, in nearly any space, would do well to break the fourth wall and create a blog, podcast, or vlog about how they approach their niche. Creating educational content and building a community around it can be very enriching and rewarding for yourself and your net worth.

There are many great benefits to blogging, and the practice of writing about your passions will help you grow as a person and professional while building your brand, audience, and community.   This translates to influence in your niche or community which can be very profitable while opening up new opportunities you had not previously considered.


Content Marketing

Content is king.  Have you ever heard that term?   Building content can be one of the most effective ways of communicating and advertising your message.   Publishing high-quality content in any of the multiple online formats creates value for your audience, yourself, and your brand.

The content you create and publish should be meticulously researched, planned, well thought out and executed to the highest possible quality to compete with other high ranking content.  Therefore you must research and analyze your competition and make your content better than theirs.  Creating online content includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, youtube videos, podcast episodes, infographics, photos, spreadsheets, infographics, etc.

You can slowly or quickly build an audience with marketing your high-quality content.  You can then leverage that community when you build trust by serving their needs, providing free value and education, and inspiring your readers, viewers, listeners, and followers to take action themselves.


Creating Authority in Your Niche

Publishing valuable educational information can help you become an authority or influencer in your niche and put you ahead of your competition because you utilize the internet and advertise organically by creating high-quality blog posts, youtube videos, podcasts, infographics, and social media content.

The internet has made our voice louder than ever before.  You can essentially broadcast your brand and message to make a worldwide impact.   You can monetize your message by providing tremendous value up front to build trust and gain authority and influence over your niche.


Become Self-referential and Meta

You can think of building content like you are creating a reality media network about yourself or your brand.  Essentially you are becoming meta, or self-referential.  If the content is created in a smart and unique way, it can actually become more impactful and profitable than what you actually do, or what the content was initially about.

In a nutshell, your goal is to teach other people how to be you, or do what you do.

Here are the overall steps to this strategy:

  1.  Become competent in your niche.
  2. Research other content providers in your niche.
  3.  Start a blog, podcast, youtube, other social media network accounts.
  4.  Create content for your niche while growing competency and influence and building your brand.
  5.  Give value and build trust by serving your audience or community in an impactful and unique way.
  6.  Leverage your influence and community by monetizing some of your content that provides curated, high-quality, detailed expert value.
  7.  Become an influencer in your niche with crafted dynamic content that becomes the main focus of your brand beyond the niche.
  8. Nurture your relationships and expand your influence by driving more and more traffic to your message.


Monetizing Blogs to Generate Cashflow

Blogs can be effectively monetized in multiple ways.   Many blogs generate thousands of dollars a month with ads, affiliate links, digital products, physical products, ebooks, courses, consulting, referrals, and more.

There can be many revenue streams from a blog that can be diversified and cultivated to hedge against any one monetized stream disruption.

It takes time for a blog to take of and show profits, but the hard work and patience is worth it because your blog can become a great stream of passive income.


Learn by Teaching, Planning, and Writing

Blogs and other online content can also therapeutic and educational for the author who has to document, organize and communicate their thoughts and ideas to their audience.

Compiling your thoughts and forcing yourself to focus them into actionable ideas and solutions will make you a better specialist at what you do.   You will learn much more as you research, write, reflect, connect and develop your online blog, vlog, and/or podcast content.


Build Your Brand and Your Community

All of those social media posts over your lifetime represent and build your personal brand.   They are what most people will see and know you by.   Look at your Facebook feed.  Which friend is the optimist?  The pessimist?  The hard left or right politically?  Who are you?

You are your brand, and your brand is your content.   Every smart, stupid, funny, irrelevant, depressing, encouraging, joking, rant you ever posted remains forever your mark on the online world and therefore your brand. Your social media identity is your brand.

Now consider developing your brand into one that provides value.  Steer your brand towards a goal of eventual monetization by creating content that enforces your brand and displays the expertise in your niche.


Gain Authority in Your Niche or Space

Blogs can be used to gain authority in a niche.   If you want to leapfrog your competitors, then create the best (or at least competitive) online content.   If someone is seeking information online, the will eventually find the best content, and that should be yours.    The trust you build by having highly competitive content can be leveraged over and over as you serve your audience by providing great value up front.


Blogs are great for future opportunities such as employment or consultation.

Blogs are great for resumes and for companies looking to work with you.   The first criteria for any professional position is to communicate in an effective manner.  What better way to show your potential employer your communication skills?

Your personality and expertise shine through in your blog with well written, high-quality content.   You potential employer or partner will have more trust with you as they can become part of your community that you create by reading or consuming your high-quality content that displays your expertise.


What domain name should you choose?

You can search online for the perfect domain name forever.  I have done this many times.  Write down the best ones and get feedback from trusted friends and associates while considering the perfect domain name.   I like .com domain names.  They still have more authority than other types like .org, .net, etc.

Make sure the domain name is not too long or complicated.  An acronym works well if you have a longer and multi-word business name.   Also, consider getting the .com on your personal name if it is available.


What Content Management System (CMS) platform to use?

I recommend using WordPress for your blog.   Approximately 70% of blogs are powered by WordPress.   It is the best content management system (CMS) that has ever been created for regular website users and professionals alike.

You can do many creative website tweaks easily with the highly-customizable WordPress platform via third-party plugins and themes.   Some of these plugins and themes are free, and some you must pay for.


What web hosting should you use?

My choice for my preferred web host as of January 2019 is A2 Hosting. I have the shared hosting package for this website and I love the speed of the server!  You also get a free SSL certificate (which is a must). A2 Hosting was the fastest shared hosting provider I could find. They have SSD servers which are fast, and they have optimized the hosting

Their customer service is great also.   They are available 24/7 via phone, chat, or email, and respond to every issue I have had, while providing great advice on how to set everything up.

Click here for a great deal on the fastest web hosting platform – A2 Hosting.


Startup Costs

You pay more in time than money when creating your blog.  Startup costs are minimal, but may include:

  1. Domain name
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Theme cost
  4. Plugins cost
  5. Stock photos or graphics cost.
  6. Advertising

The first two costs are a must if you want a competing professional blog.  There are free platforms out there, but you should be serious about owning your content and keeping it on a competitive platform.



Creating & Monetizing a Blog Personal Story

bryan cashflow cultivator personal finance blogger 239x300
Bryan S. – Cashflow Cultivator

Cultivate Cashflow is a blog that I created to document my financial and entrepreneurial practices and create another stream of passive income.

I have created many websites for hundreds of clients with my freelance website development businesses in the past.   I have, however, been shifting my specialties to utilize my content creation abilities and perspective on investing to create websites and online content that generate passive income with diverse methods of monetization.

I still create websites for many clients though, so creating this blog was right for my career path, and I am am very please how it has helped me and challenged me to further educate myself in web development and content creation.  I have learned effective strategies for blog and podcast creation and I have a new-found appreciation and respect for high-quality content that creates value and inspiration.

I plan to use everything I have learned and will learn to provide more value to my website clients and look to explore consulting clients about how to consistently generate high quality competitive online content.


Creating & Monetizing a Blog Micro-action

Start exactly right now just to show yourself you can quickly write a blog post.  What are you interested in at this very moment?  Write about it now and post it to your facebook page.   This gets you started right away.  Keep writing more and more posts.  Share your knowledge.  It’s more valuable than your opinions or rants.  Try to get better at writing by getting more detailed and making your words count.

As you are getting your fingers tired with writing blogs, and once you have a sense of direction, it’s time to create your own blog website.   Purchase your domain name and then sign up for web hosting.  Call the web host and have them walk you through setting everything up and pointing you to the resources you need to move forward.

WordPress and A2 Hosting are the best platform/hosting combination for our blog.


Creating & Monetizing a Blog Risk Assessment

The most you have to risk is your time.  If your blog does not make any money, then at least you can say you created a blog.   The value will be long term and can manifest in many ways.  There are many benefits to blogging other than money, but consistent passive cashflow from your blog can be achieved after time and hard work.


Creating & Monetizing a Blog Disclaimer

Your time, money, blog, and content is your responsibility.   Cultivate Cashflow presents concepts and explores ideas for you to further research and ultimately, after doing your own due diligence, decide if it is right for yourself.

Cultivate Cashflow is not a financial advisor or advisory firm.  We are an education and lifestyle blog who document our own financial and business practices as teaching and entertainment content.

Cultivate Cashflow utilizes advertising and affiliate links to generate passive income with this website.   We teach you how to do the same with our transparency.

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