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Build Multiple Streams of Income


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Build Multiple Streams of Income

As Cashflow Cultivators, you are now ready to step outside of your comfort zone and begin building new streams of income by using your life experience, education, raw talent, hard work, ideas, determination, expertise and tenacity to manifest money passively and actively and cultivate these streams to funnel into bigger pools of investments.

Cashflow Cultivators are constantly seeking ideas for ways to start small streams of income whether it’s passive income or active income.

The more passive and scalable, the better.  We want to operate our finances like a business that is always looking for more ways to generate revenue to deploy into other investments.


Benefits of Multiple Small Streams of Passive and Active Income

The main benefit of multiple streams of diversified income is that if one flops, then you have all of the others still producing income for you.   That is why we generate multiple streams of passive and active income.  Building the passive and active income from small streams to bigger streams will help you diversify your cashflow so that if one fails, the others will still fund your life.


Challenges Setting up Multiple Streams of Diversified Cashflow

The main challenges in setting up multiple diversified passive and active income streams are perseverance and mental fortitude.  It’s hard to start something new, especially without the complete confidence that it will work yet.   The hard truth is that you have to take that risk and put yourself out there to make anything happen worthwhile in your life.  You will have to step outside of your comfort zone to manifest new ideas into actionable steps to move forward in creating new income streams.



Income Stream Examples


Primary Salary Plus Benefits

Primary salary plus benefits support most families.   This is usually most people’s biggest income stream.   Having gainful employment via a job that you work for someone else has some advantages over operating a freelance service business.    Mainly, you are gonna get paid reliably without having to deal with billing, customer service, and overhead from your own business.  You don’t have to fight for your money, and you know it’s coming regularly.  Having both and good reliable job and building businesses that generate passive income is ideal until your passive income and businesses allow you to afford to quit your steady job.


Secondary Salary

Secondary salary could be from a spouse’s employment via a job in the workplace.  It could also include side gigs or businesses that generate more cashflow.

Most households are dual income, with a primary and secondary income, as both spouses work or have businesses.



Investments are usually long term.   Cashflow Cultivators maximize retirement and tax-advantaged investments to compound the tax-advantaged returns.   Long term investments are perfect for your retirement accounts.



Cash back from the creative use of credit cards, bank signups, and other special deals can add up and hedge your spending.   Need a new washer and dryer?   Open a new credit card that pays a $200 bonus if you spend over $1000 in the first three months and now you have saved $200 automatically.



Passive Income Ideas:

Peer to peer lending

Dividend stocks

Creating and Monetizing a Blog

Dropshipping store selling products from other countries

Print on demand t-shirts and other products with Redbubble

Author and sell Ebooks


Affiliate marketing

Website hosting and maintenance


Selling products on Craigslist / Ebay / Facebook Marketplace


Active Income (Side Gigs) Examples:

Consulting clients with your expert knowledge.

Ghostwriting for book, blog post, article.

Narration and voiceover work.

Resume and cover letter writing assistance.

Web design and development.

Painting interior and exterior walls and trim in homes in your local neighborhood.

Detailing vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, RV’s, boats, etc.

Servicing vehicles with on-site oil change and tune-ups.

Walking dogs works great in suburban neighborhoods.

Babysitting is great side income if you love kids and have experience with them.

Petsitting your local neighborhood’s furry friends.

Social media manager,

Personal shopping or concierge services.

Personal assistant services.

Delivery of furniture of other hard to move items with your truck or van.

Local handyman services you can advertise on craigslist.

House cleaning (light or deep).

Landscaping – Mowing, edging, or even more specialized landscape design.

Social media accounts manager for local businesses via Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.  The possibilities are endless with this niche.

Home security installation for neighborhood homes.

Movie / media room design and installation.

Fence staining services for neighborhoods with wooden fences.



Build Multiple Streams of Income Personal Story

bryan cashflow cultivator personal finance blogger 239x300
Bryan S. – Cashflow Cultivator

My wife and I have been creating new streams of income for the past 10 years with investing, side gigs, passive income generation, cashback rewards, and many other income stream ideas.    This blog that you are currently reading will hopefully generate more passive income as the Cultivate Cashflow audience grows and I provide value with more blog posts and podcasts.


Build Multiple Streams of Income Micro-action

Start a new passive income stream today!   You could sign up for high-interest checking or saving.  You can start a print on demand store.    You could advertise on your neighborhood HOA Facebook page that you could paint, walk dogs, detail cars, etc.  Just do something small today to get you started on the path of generating passive income and side gig income.


Build Multiple Streams of Income Risk Assessment

There is always risk in life.  You can risk your time, money, or health for whatever reward you seek.   Building multiple streams of income hedges your financial risk with other streams of income to supplement your expenses should your main source of income, or one of the other sources you create expire.


Build Multiple Streams of Income Disclaimer

Your money is your responsibility.   Cultivate Cashflow presents concepts and explores ideas for you to further research and ultimately after doing your own due diligence, decide if it is right for yourself.

Cultivate Cashflow is not a financial advisor or advisory firm.  We are an education and lifestyle blog who document our own financial practices as teaching and entertainment content.

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