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Become A Cashflow Cultivator


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Become a Cashflow Cultivator

Wake up and prune your personal finance practices into a streamlined mechanical cashflow system that is meticulously designed to manifest itself into a long-term dynamic financial independence and freedom model.

Move incrementally towards the goal of financial freedom and early soft retirement by opening your financial third eye to become a woke “Cashflow Cultivator”.

Welcome to the other side of learning real-world financial literacy and implementing money saving and cash generating strategies to move your net worth forward in a very powerful way, which can eventually free yourself from the grind of constantly trading your time and energy like a battery for just enough money to keep you dependent on the the daily grind and trapped where you are.

As Cashflow Cultivators, you can refer to this personal finance blog to generate saving, investing, trading and passive income ideas to further research and implement into your own financial model using daily micro-actions to constantly move towards financial freedom and early soft retirement.

A Cashflow Cultivator will become a practicing financially literate entrepreneur and investor that has a passion to work and save hard.  A Cashflow Cultivator has an overall goal to always strive towards, which is financial freedom through investments, savings, businesses, and more, including passive income generation strategies and side-gigs.

A Cashflow Cultivator uses daily micro-actions to work toward and eventually turn this wonderful dream of financial freedom into a well-deserved and hard-earned reality cultivated over a lifetime and passed forward to future generations.

The content in this blog and podcast are ideas and strategies for educational purposes that include micro-actions to help motivate you to move forward with these entrepreneurial and financial concepts, money hacks, and other cashflow strategies one micro-step at a time.

Never blindly trust any one source on financial practices.  Always do very diligent research for any strategy you are considering putting into practice in your own financial model.  If you are interested in any of the concepts that we blog about, compare the information with other financial media to make sure you are getting a broad and more complete picture.



The Fallacy of Competing for Class and Lifestyle

Why work hard just to buy stuff you don’t need and don’t use to pretend you are rich because you spend most of your income on the facade to appear wealthy like expensive toys, sugar, pacification, name brands, depreciating assets, and digital candy?

It today’s hyper-intensive attention deficit clickbait world, online social media digital candy paints a picture of the upper-class dream that is more about showing off on beaches and in mansions than it is about being real, transparent, and genuine about how to manifest money.

The pressure to keep up with the Jones is more intense and competitive than ever.  Don’t fall into that expensive mindset of flaunting wealth to appear accomplished.  Be your own lifestyle compass.  Don’t compete with anyone’s lifestyle and wealth.  It’s always a losing game because the junk you are spending enormous sums on to make yourself feel rich depreciates farther and faster than you can keep up with, effectively draining your net worth for no reason other than vanity.

Instead of that mindset, compete to have your life the most optimized with the clearest sense of purpose.   Observe how other families are functional and dysfunctional to learn what to do or not to do and how you can incorporate their good habits and even make them better or more customized for yourself.  Always strive to have a happy and functional home, recreational life, and financial system in place to leverage your wealth (however much it is) to do more with less by approaching decisions in smart ways.

Encourage your friends and family to save money and be frugal and responsible with their savings.    Teach kids about money and entrepreneurship.  Always learn more financial literacy every day.  You can never stop learning, and you should never stop teaching and sharing.



Why Become a Cashflow Cultivator?

The real question is, why not set your life up to pay for itself with investments, passive income streams, side-gigs, online businesses, and content creation? Sure, it’s not easy and requires very hard work and discipline, but it’s also not too hard for you to do and most certainly worth it. Why would you really consider implementing these financial and lifestyle habits into your own routines? What are you working towards? What are you saving for and what do you want to buy?

Buy Freedom.

Not toys. Not vanity. Not status. Not decorations. Not junk. None of that matters.

Give yourself the freedom of time and money to make free choices that you might have thought were not a reality for you and your family before you attained financial independence.

You don’t have to retire if you do not want to. You can still work if you want to. But you will have the freedom to work how you want and when you choose.

Cultivate your cashflow to buy yourself the ability to be free to do whatever you want in life in safe in responsible ways.



Core Tenants of the Cultivate Cashflow Philosophy

Become financially woke by confronting your net worth with a financial spreadsheet or online finance tracker like Personal Capital or Mint that you use to constantly monitor and cultivate your finances.

Automate your bills, loan payments, investment contributions.

Fund Roth Accounts to the max every year by auto drafting your contribution every month.

Fund your Health Savings account to the max every year by auto drafting your contribution monthly.

Fund your employer-based 401k to the employer’s match, then allocate elsewhere such as Roths, and HSA accounts.

Use High-Interest Checking accounts to receive interest on your operational cash.

Use High-Interest Savings accounts to park your capital that you do not have in your checking account or other investments to generate a return.

Never let any dollar be lazy.  Make sure all of your money is busy working for you.  Think of your cash as your employees whose job is to recruit more cash and bring more money to your net worth.

Use credit cards that have bonuses and cash back for big purchases.  Also, be aware of airline miles cards advantages if you are a traveler.

Always be aware of return policies and take advantage of them. How many days do you have to test something out for free?


Benefits of the Cultivate Cashflow Philosophy

Move incrementally closer to a lifestyle of abundance rather than need.

Learn to NOT have everything you want but to WANT for a while before having anything.

Learn to buy things in smart ways, using cost-saving tricks to reduce the cost.

Learn that owning things is temporary, and just like having a plan to purchase, you must have a selling strategy to maximize the value you extract from the things you buy.

Learn to not want more junk you don’t need, and stop buying with impulses and false rationalizations.

Edge further toward financial independence and early soft retirement with daily micro-actions.

Learn how to manipulate your cash flow to be more efficient and effective.

Understand and respect the correlation between risk and reward.

Understand and respect liquidity in your investments. Eventually, you will apply the liquidity aspect to everything you own including your toys.



Welcome to Cultivate Cashflow

bryan cashflow cultivator personal finance blogger 239x300
Bryan S. – Cashflow Cultivator

Welcome to Cultivate Cashflow, a personal finance & entrepreneurial blog created to help you on your financial freedom journey.  My name is Bryan S. and I want to thank you in advance for checking out this financial education website.  I appreciate the opportunity to interact and connect with all “Cashflow Cultivators”.

In these first few posts, I would like to communicate the overall perspective of what this blog is about and how it can inspire and motivate you to achieve financial independence and early soft retirement!

I think it is in the power of every individual to cultivate their cashflow into a financial independence system that buys their freedom.

Thank you for reading this blog post.  Please feel free to leave comments and I will respond asap.  I read every comment and appreciate positive advice and interaction.  Trolls, of course, as a policy, will be ignored.


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