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GLD Strangle Opened 062619 Closed 070719 $61 profit

Gold presented a good opportunity to sell short options premium recently (Summer 2019).

The IVR (Implied Volatility Rank) was almost at 100% when I placed a short strangle options trade in the GLD etf.

The interesting thing about this is that the implied volatility increased as the price increased, which is the reverse of most stocks.    Implied volatility usually increases when stock prices drop. read more

Stock Market Analysis Charts 03-26-19

Here are the charts that I watch for the daily market outlook for investing and trading.   These charts are from 03-26-19.  I use the Thinkorswim platform for these charts.   These charts include the overall market outlook, commodities, sectors, real estate, international markets, currencies, cryptocurrencies. read more

Sell Your Junk Online and Invest the Profit

One of the philosophies Cashflow Cultivators explore is streamlining our life by getting rid of things we are not using at the moment. The accumulation and hoarding of useless and/or not used items, otherwise called junk, is a slow wealth sapper.   Instead of keeping these unused relics of the past, purge them to squeeze the liquidity out and invest the money in diversified investments. read more

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