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Bryan S. – Cashflow Cultivator

Hi, my name is Bryan, the Cashflow Cultivator, and I would like to welcome you to Cultivate Cashflow, a personal financial and entrepreneurial blog packed with ways to optimize the flow of your money by saving, investing, and generating new income with businesses such as side gigs and passive income streams.

In this blog, I write about some of the vast amounts of tricks and tips that I use to save, invest, trade, lower taxes, pay off mortgages, hedge against costs, buy at lower prices, create content that generates passive income, work side gigs that generate cashflow, and much more.   

This site will help you learn to implement financial hacks with daily micro-actions to take your finances and productivity to the next level which can create generational wealth for you and your family.


Financial Literacy

I’m a passionate advocate for financial literacy because usually people never learn about financial literacy until they learn the hard way via adulting.  I find it very unfortunate that we don’t teach children more about financial literacy in high school or college. 

To me, financial literacy is just as, or more, important than most subjects and concepts taught in school at any age.  I wonder sometimes if it is by design that young kids are not taught about money other than spending it. 

If we were more aware of finance earlier in life, would we take out 100k in debt to leg into 50k salaries?  And that is just the lucky students who actually use their 100k degree to become professionals.  Many students move on to something else, negating the initial investment of money and more importantly, time.   Where is the assessment on return on investment in this scenario?

I’m not hating on college or education, as it has served my family well.   But I know so many people who are still in debt at 40 because of college and will likely never climb out of it. 

I just think that high-cost education needs to be analyzed like any other investment.   If you have a plan and the cost-benefit has been thoroughly investigated and approved, then college is great and you should be proud of what you are accomplishing or have accomplished.

But if you are going into massive debt unsure of what you want to do with your life, then I think you should consider cost reducing alternatives other than spending an incredible amount of money you don’t have finding your career path.  You can do that in other ways that are just as, or even more, productive.

Students make rash decisions about debt when they don’t have a financial education. The future is leaning towards skills-based employment.  You can learn many skills with the help of the internet.  Many degrees are also now not necessary due to the internet.  You can learn many trades via the internet in the modern era.

Financial education applies to everyone at any income level.   It is so much harder to move forward when you don’t understand money beyond the surface level.

This CNBC article discusses how The future of work won’t be about college degrees, it will be about job skills .

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I practice using financial micro-actions every day to incrementally move our financial portfolio and net worth forward every month in a consistent manner.   There are so many money hacks, income generation ideas, investing and trading setups, that I am constantly busy doing something new to affect and optimize our finances every day.  

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Wealth Mindset

This mentality is a game changer because we always have something to work towards.   We are not working to survive.   We are working to thrive!   If we cultivate our cashflow, by pruning and growing the garden of our nest egg, then we are that much closer to financial freedom every day.

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Risk and Reward Correlation

I understand risk and how it feels to make and lose real money.    I’ve made some painful mistakes but I had to learn those lessons painfully because if anything teaches you, it’s losing money.   Risk vs. reward is an important concept to master to understand and cultivate your financial intentions and avoid costly mistakes.


Learning From Failure

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In life, sometimes you have to fail forward even when it’s painful.   True success only comes after many failures.  In fact, you must fail to succeed.  Learning from failure is one of the greatest and most humble mentalities you can ever practice.   If you have a dream, then fail at it every day until you don’t.

Have you ever failed when you tried something new?   What did you learn?   How did it change you?   What did you feel?  How did you deal with your perceived failure?

The fact that you failed is evidence that you were brave enough to try something new and difficult.  That is a success.  

Now we must all constantly practice failing forward and be proud of our failures.


There are NO get rich quick schemes here.

The educational ideas in this blog will not get you rich overnight.  Think of these financial hacks and micro-actions as steps to take to truly confront, control, create, and cultivate your financial net worth to grow with you over time.  Anyone at any stage in life can find information in this financial blog that can give them insight and inspiration to accumulate wealth in a more optimized way.



Different Financial Mentality

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About Cultivate Cashflow

Most people just work to spend money.   We work to save money and make that saved money work for us.  While we still want things we don’t need, we are much more savvy about keeping those impulses in check.

And just because we want it, does not mean we get it.    Wants are usually fleeting.   Let yourself want for a long time and challenge that feeling.

We work to save and invest to accelerate our net worth.   If life were a video game, our net worth would be the points on the screen.   We want to rack up as many points as possible.

We don’t look at our money and think “Oh I have some extra money, what can I spend this on?”

Why do this?  Why work and save and sacrifice?

Financial Independence and therefore soft retirement.   In other words, financial freedom.

Because we do these things, one day, it’s just a matter of time, we will be financially independent.

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Content Creation Machine

One of my goals with Cultivate Cashflow was to learn how to formulate and maintain a content creation machine.  This means, that I want to recycle the content from the blog into the podcast and youtube and vice versa.   I also want to have systems with our social media accounts that automatically drive traffic to the content.   Learning how to mix and match to make this all work together is something that could give me the edge with the competitiveness of the content to drive more traffic.


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Redbubble Gear

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About Bryan S. – Cashflow Cultivator

Bryan Shiflet
Bryan S. –  Cashflow Blogger

For years, I have been cultivating my family’s finances using the strategies in this blog.   These micro-actions have supercharged our goal of attaining financial independence and early retirement much sooner than we had ever dreamed.  These financial hacks are the result of years of research, experimentation, development, and cultivation of ways to optimize our saving, spending, and investing while creating more income streams.

I am NOT a financial advisor.   The information in this blog is NOT financial advice.   I am a professional web developer and entrepreneur that shares my financial practices for information and fun.   Do your DUE DILIGENCE for any investments or financial moves you are considering, as your finance are YOUR responsibility.


Why am I creating this blog?

I’m creating this blog for many reasons, but the main reason is to provide inspiration and helping other people open their financial third eye to become woke “Cashflow Cultivators”.

I want a place to journal and write about these concepts.  I’m always telling strangers random financial concepts like “Use a HELOC as a debt weapon to pay off your mortgage”.   People look at me like I’m crazy.   Who talks about finances like sports?  Me.  I’m that guy.

I love teaching and inspiring people about financial literacy, the internet, artificial intelligence, futurism, etc.

This blog is actually a new phase of financially waking as it serves as another income stream.

This blog also serves as a business model that is an advanced component of being a Cashflow Cultivator.   Become meta.   Break the fourth wall.   Create content with a blog and video.   Eventually, you want to create value by using your expertise to generate and monetize content.


Who should read this blog?

You and everyone you know.   Financial literacy should be learned by everyone who cares about their money.

Anyone who wants to transform their life financially has to find the spark that inspires them to do so, the information that empowers them with knowledge and serves as a catalyst to move forward their net worth

There are many financial blogs that inspire in different ways.   Hopefully, this one can also help you in your path of financial independence and early retirement.


Where do you start?

I have five posts on the START HERE section of the blog that will communicate my financial philosophies to give you a holistic and core understanding of how I approach my finances.   After reading those posts, you should check out the latest blog posts elaborating on the actionable financial hack ideas you can explore, research, and possible implement yourself.

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