Investments & Trades September 16-20, 2019

Due to the Saudi Arabia oil refinery bombing over the weekend, energy stocks opened with a strong gap up and finished Monday up over 10% which is a huge one day gain.   This forced me to roll my XLE covered call to the next month so I could establish a higher strike price to maintain enough delta for upside gains.   My limit order for COKE that I placed last weekend also filled Monday morning. read more

How to Make the Most of Retirement on a Fixed Income

We all dream of relaxing during retirement. However, many people underestimate how much money they’ll need when they retire. Living on a fixed income can be a tricky adjustment, especially in terms of budgeting. Having the right financial plan helps ensure that you can enjoy each day of your golden years. That way, you can devote your time to tasks you enjoy, like cooking, baking, or seeing your grandchildren, rather than fretting over money. read more

Sell Your Junk Online and Invest the Profit

One of the philosophies Cashflow Cultivators explore is streamlining our life by getting rid of things we are not using at the moment. The accumulation and hoarding of useless and/or not used items, otherwise called junk, is a slow wealth sapper.   Instead of keeping these unused relics of the past, purge them to squeeze the liquidity out and invest the money in diversified investments. read more

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